Teepee Salty Caramel

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Extremely natural, boho-style teepee tent. Made of 100% cotton with a washed-out effect.

The mat is popped in several places, which gives it a wonderful and unique look. Every child will quickly appreciate the softness and naturalness of cotton.

Teepee tents are a proposal from the MamaPotrafi brand, created with children in mind. Teepee is a great place to play, perfect for morning coffee with mum and evening reading of books with dad.

The tent is light and easy to set up, it is enough to pack it in a cover with a handle and you can take it with you to the park, to the beach or for the weekend to your grandmother.


*Teepee tent with poles and string, teepee cover, stabilizer


*Teepee tent with poles and string, mat, teepee cover, stabilizer

Free: leaf-shaped pendant.

The other elements are the arrangement for photos.


Base: 110 × 110 cm

the height of the tent after setting up is about 160 cm


The teepee set is made of 100% cotton, pine wood frame, non-woven polyester mat filling.

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