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100% Polish linen, unique vintage frills and beautiful bells with a delicate melody are undoubtedly the advantages of the Boho Dream tent. It is the perfect finish to any unusual interior, as well as a unique and extremely comfortable place to play.

The mat has been hemmed and padded by hand, which gives it a wonderful and unique look. Every child will quickly appreciate its softness and naturalness.

Teepee tents are a proposition from Mama Potrafi, created for children. Teepee is a great place to have fun, perfect for morning coffee with mom and evening reading of books with dad.

The tent is light and easy to set up, just pack in a cover with a handle and you can take it with you to the park, to the beach or to your grandmother's weekend.


Teepee you will receive:

* Teepee tent with 2 windows, poles and string, teepee cover, stabilizer

Teepee with mat you will receive:

* Teepee tent with poles and string, mat, teepee cover, stabilizer

The rest of the products are part of the arrangement and not included in the set.


Base: 110 × 110 cm

tent height when open about 160 cm


The teepee set is made of 100% Polish linen, pine frame, filling of polyester non-woven mat.

Shipping: 4


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